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Patent Cart StepUp for stair lift

Lightweight and compact

Innovative product

Fully Stainless Steel

A drill in the heart!

Three tools in one

Hand trolley + Professional battery-operated power drill = Powered Stairclimber


Maximum flexibility in every situation, ideal for cramped spaces, too

Heavy duty

With StepUp, even moving heavy weights will be extremely easy

Tested and approved

UNI EN ISO 12100-1, UNI EN ISO 12100-2, UNI EN ISO 3691-5:2010, 2006/42/CE Directive on Machinery

StepUp is an innovative powered stairclimber trolley, entirely made of stainless steel, using the energy produced by a professional battery-powered screwdriver for its operation! The trolley and the screwdriver can also be used as separate tools. It is also possible to purchase StepUp without the powered screwdriver.

The StepUp trolley is not only very competitive as to the purchase price and maintenance costs; it is also compliant with CE regulations, and extremely safe, thanks to a design that paid great attention to every detail.

Please have a look at the details of the StepUp stairclimber trolley in this video. You will immediately perceive the high quality in its construction. StepUp is a unique product in allowing such a high flexibility. It’s not just for climbing stairs!

Who would have thought that a similar performance could be achieved with a trolley powered solely by a screwdriver? Top performance and battery life can be achieved thanks to a painstakingly detailed design of the drive, coupled with the performance of the modern battery-powered screwdrivers!

It can be used as a manual trolley, or as a stairclimber trolley for heavy weights. Going up and down the stairs with the StepUp trolley will turn out to be a simple job that anybody can carry out. Later on, after you have gained the necessary familiarity, you’ll find it easy to go up and down the stairs even with remarkable loads, such as stoves or large household appliances.

Simple installation of the screwdriver that is the heart of the drive train

Spiral staircases aren’t a problem with StepUp

Heavy loads moved around with utmost ease

StepUp is the ideal stairclimber for narrow staircases