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Just Think About the Advantages in Using StepUp

  • Cheap in comparison with the offer in the market (can be purchased with or without the screwdriver)
  • Practical, because it’s three tools in one (hand trolley; screwdriver; stairclimber trolley)
  • Powerful and quick to assemble (certified for loads up to 180 Kgs)
  • Rotating handles for better ergonomics in driving it (maximum control)
  • Top quality in components and performance (the frame and the technical structure can withstand loads well above the certified weight)
  • Low maintenance requirements and costs (entirely made of stainless steel)

All of these are concrete advantages that will optimize your work and guarantee a durable investment for you.

Alan Liva

Imagine going up a narrow, cramped staircase without having to remove your hands from the handles and without being forced to twist your wrists and forearms. This is possible, thanks to the rotating handles of StepUp! The trolley will smoothly follow your movements. This is an indescribable advantage just on its own!

Alan LivaGeneral manager