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A Short Description of StepUp

StepUp is a stairclimber trolley featuring a new conception; it uses the energy produced by a professional battery-powered screwdriver in order to achieve excellent performance: a carrying capacity of 180 kilograms, safety in driving, and no shocks, either going up or down.

The rotating handles and compact design grant a maneuverability that is hard to find in the stairclimber trolleys currently available in the market.

Technical and Mechanical Frame

StepUp can deliver top performance, and its capacity varies depending upon the type of screwdriver used. The maximum and safe load that is recommended and for which the trolley is certified is 180 Kgs. It is worth remarking, however, that thanks to tests carried out by users already experienced with this special stairclimber trolley, the performance and the whole mechanical frame suffered no drawbacks at all while carrying loads up to 250 Kgs!

Made in Italy

The StepUp trolley is entirely made in Italy and it complies with the strictest regulations. If you love attention to detail and high-quality products in general, those born and built for the needs of the workers, the StepUp electric stairclimber trolley will be able to win you over, too!