Power and Speed

The lifting power of the stairclimber trolley varies depending upon the type of professional battery-powered screwdriver used. Speed is directly controlled by the operator, by means of the control lever under the right handle and linked by a cable to the screwdriver trigger (the faster speed is suggested for lighter loads, and the slower one for the heavier ones). The installation of the screwdriver is simple and it takes just a few minutes.

StepUp can also be used as a hand trolley, once the screwdriver is removed. The trolley is entirely made of stainless steel, perfectly finished, and light (30 Kgs without the screwdriver). It is equipped with two wheels, lifting cranks, and a folding platform. It can be easily stowed away in a van, taking up little space.

Maximum Flexibility in All Situations

Narrow or winding staircases, or with overhanging treads, steep and awkward ramps, landings, corridors, cramped spaces and difficulties in maneuvering. The electric stairclimber trolley StepUp is the winning response for all professionals who have to lift heavy loads every day, even where the room available does not allow great freedom of movement.

Going up or down the stairs will no longer be a problem, even with heavy or cumbersome loads, thanks to StepUp! The videos you can see here clearly show the huge potential of this stairclimber trolley.